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>>> making news in america ts morning. >> war on terror. the threat intensifies in yemen, and starting today, extensive new security measures at foreign airports. >>> deep freeze, an unusually cold start to january, blanketing football fields and chilling florida's grove. >>> and the world's tallest tower opens today, monday, january 4th, 2010. >>> and good morning, thanks for joining us for the first time in 2010. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm linsey davis in nor vinita nair. right now, president obama is on his way back to washington for a full agenda to begin his post-holiday week. >> topping it is terrorism, and we have several reports this morning, sonia gallego in london, but viviana hurtado with new security rules. >> designed to focus on those who pose the largest threat. >> reporter: at another sign at the nation's airports, travelers were delayed sunday evening for at least two hours at the airport after a man walked the wrong way in a security exit. >> the public just has no confidence anymore in the ability of government to provide a safe environment which av
is the most important these days. what every kid to keep america do whatever it takes to keep america safe, is just that simple. >> for more information on these the advanced image full body scanners, go to our website, wbaltv.com. >> for more on security changes at airports nationwide, go to our website and click on "national news." >> at least one city councilman began lobbying his colleagues to let him city council president long before mayor dixon was convicted on embezzlement charges. since that happen, at least accountable -- to council members have shown interest in the job. councilman jack young started lobbying for votes before anybody and told us by phone he has commitments from eight of his 14 colleagues, the number of votes needed to win. behind the scenes at city hall, as the criminal that the trial of mayor dixon began, at least one city council member quietly started lobbying his colleagues for votes to become the next city council president. back in november, we caught up with councilman jack dunn. -- jack young. city hall insiders say yama wanted the job when dixon became
to be a minority in america. >> that was a real ignorant comment for him to make, and now he is apologizing to not only obama but to the whole black community. ex-president has accepted the apology over what reid has called a poor choice of words -- the president has accepted the apology. >> there is a real double standard here. whendemocrats et caught saying racist things, an apology is enough. >> he was not saying that i would not support barack obama if he was dark skin. he was saying america would not support barack obama if he were dark skins. >> we have a black president, and that is something we all have to deal with. >> he has also apologized to african-american and civil rights groups. he faces a very tough reelection battle against at least two opponents. he has said he does not intend to resign. >> the republican party's national chairman says he has had no thought of resigning, despite criticism of his performance. he has faced controversy about his reason remarks. he accuses of republican leaders of abandoning conservative principles. he says the party leaders are unhappy with
$2 in coupons at non-challenge.com this is really good! >>> good morning, america on this first monday of the new year, january 4th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, the president is coming home from vacation just a little early to confront mounting security concerns as the u.s. embassy closes its doors in yemen under threats. we're there live. >>> plus, arctic blasts. 40 degrees below in the midwest. sam will brave the cold for your forecast. >>> and the latest on the search for that missing mom. investigators discover a new e-mail from missing susan powell as her family with a new push. >>> and a new day and new year. we officially welcome george stephanopoulos and juju chang, the newest members of our team. . >>> happy new year! >> happy new year. there is an embarrassing picture in that. >> i wouldn't do that. >> yes, you would, but thank you for not doing it. >> everyone back to school and work. doll we say 2010 or 2010? >> we haven't decided. >> good morning, everyone. president obama is cutting his vacation a little short as the investiga
>>> making >>> making news in america this morning. the explosive new political book that shines new light into the darkest corners of the 2008 presidential campaign. it's hard to tell who is on whose team. >>> and deep freeze has farmers in the deep south worried about their crops you could may the price for it. >>> and offensive outburst. packers and cardinals. monday july 11th, 2010. >>> good morning, i'm eric horng in for jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita nair. well, a new book is changing the game in washington as this week begins. >> instead of talking about terrorism or health care, political circles are buzzing about a number of bombshells from the 2008 presidential campaign. >> reporter: the most shocking revelation in game change is forcing harry reid to play damage control. reid was quoted as saying america was ready to, quote, have a light-skinned african. reid apologized over the weekend, and president obama accepted. >> there is the standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own, but if it co
out to vegas to compete in the miss america pageant. why is it relevant in 2010? it's very civic and uplifting. stay tuned, you'll be shocked. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , >>> this is wjz and wjz.com, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland, now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz news team, your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> hello again, it's a cold day's start but that cold. sharon gibala in traffic control. marty is over at first warning weather. >> looking at some beautiful statistics. going to 50 degrees at lunch. which is nine degrees above normal on the way to 51, 52 degrees. we're at about 31 right now. at about 45-49 during the dinner hour. it's going to be a super tuesday in january. don. >>> thank you. there's always trouble somewhere and sharon has it in traffic control. >> reporter: there's more trouble on the roads now than ten minutes ago. a bunch of accidentses including the one on the west side of the beltway on the outer loop at baltimore national pike blocking the lane with a
, reverend sharpton, have you a majority leader, one of the most powerful people in america, going around using the term "negro dialect?" >> it's a concern, but whether or not it is enough to ask him to step aside given his record and the fact that he was saying why he felt his candidate can win. i might add, joe, we did not bring up trent lot, the republicans did. the republican chairman said we were raising a double standard. we did not use on senator reid what we used on senator lott. we didn't bring up lott. i don't know anyone who would have made that outrageous comparison. >> reverend, did you read what harry reid's reaction to trent lott's comments were? not to get too deep in the weeds here, but it doesn't help back up the point that there really can't be a parallel here. because obviously trent lott made the comments about strom thurmond that led to his demise and harry reid had a reaction to those comments and i'd like if we could put them up on the screen. he basically said he wouldn't do something like that, and that's how you play. in 2000, then senator-obama suggested -- >>
that continues. >> even after the worst recession in generations life in america is not even close to being as brutal as it was back then for so many. that's the legacy of dr. king and his movement. that's our inheritance. >> that brings us to our "watercooler question of the day." how close do you think america is to realizing dr. king's dream? email your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> 6:08. 39 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the financial news in the "bloomberg business report." >> also ahead, the man convicted of shooting pope john paul ii may be out of prison this morning but he may not be free to go wherever he pleases. >> and a tragedy in an alabama motel claims the lives of four college co-eds. details next. >> and i'm tony pann. the weather is pretty quiet compared to yet yesterday, but there is another storm on the horizon. >> route 91 is still blocked and creating problems for motorists. we'll let you know how to get around it coming >> welcome back. about 6:11. 41 degrees. things are pretty quiet this morning. we had a storm go through yesterday with a lot of rain. the tem
about good morning maryland at 9:00 after good morning america. we will talk about haiti. that's something good morning america will cover but we will see what's going on, we will go live for the latest information. >>> now up to new york, more of good morning america at 7:00. have a great day. hey, gram, check out my favorite tee. oh, i love that band... but the shirt looks dull... ...and that stain! i know... where's your bleach? that's old school! hello?! what else is there? resolve bright and white, it's great! forget bleach! you can use this on whites and colors. just put detergent in and add resolve bright and white. wait, it goes right in? and it's safe! so detergent, bright and white, and done? you got it! (announcer) resolve bright and white has whitening agents to give you brilliant looking whites. it also has color boost technology to safely brighten your colors... and resolve's stain seeking power
energy projects and businesses. >> it will help to close the clean energy group between america and other nations. >> tax credits are part of the recovery act and companys chosen say they will create thousands of jobs in clean energy, with solar and wind power. >> building a robust energy sector is how we will create jobs in the future. jobs that pay well and cannot be outsourced. >> the announcement comes the same day they revealed employers cut 85,000 jobs last month. far more than expected. >> last month, in the same month, we lost 700,000 jobs. so i believe the recovery act has provided support to, at least, keep us from the total disaster that we could have seen. >> revised numbers for 2009, show a few thousand jobs were actually created in november. the first increase in two years. butt overall, unemployment rate remains at 10 percent. >> this is an indictment of the obama jobs program. one year in, nothing to show for it. we may have been in the hole when we got here, but now he is digging us deeper and deeper and deeper. >> the federal reserve expects unemployment to remain above
will not be forsaken, you will not be forgotten. in this, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. >> and he said a second wave of help is on the way. and the navy hospital ship, the comfort. until the ship arrives, the navy says it is using helicopters from a couple of other ships off the coast of haiti to help move people in and out. >> this weekend, a baltimore based hospital ship is expected to set sail for haiti. not only will it provide medical assistance, but millions of gallons of pure drinking water. >> the u.s. and as comfort is being prepared, loaded up with supplies and getting ready to go to haiti. they expect to leave the port of baltimore early saturday morning, three days ahead of schedule. while the ship is known for its hospital facilities -- facilities, what people may not know is that it is able to purify it up to 100,000 gallons of water per day. that is a much-needed resources in haiti. >> on board preparations are underway for -- >> it will definitely be the biggest mission for the ship. >> that means turning the comfort into a fully operational floating 200
to the family are fitting in fine and love america. >> it's cool. and water that you need, you have. you can have. >> reporter: the family started the adoption process four years ago and after the earthquake they lost all hope of getting their children home from haiti. >> i had given up. i didn't understand it but i thought it's not going to happen now. >> reporter: but they've beaten the odds and now all four children at their home in holton, kansas, enjoying their new clothes, american food and even a new guitar. >> reporter: a family friend was a missionary at the orphanage in haiti. she was by the children's side the entire time after the horrific earthquake. >> the whole first night nobody slept, just sang all night long. they sang their songs in creole just praying to god for mercy and to protect them. even the little girl and the little boy, were just like this all night, just singing and praying. >> reporter: blondie, the oldest of the four, says people in america are nice and he hopes they will reach out to his home country in this crucial time of need. >> they are loving people. i
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oncenes, others are concentrating on relief efforts. >> ken is a regional representative for latin america. part of his job is to make sure that staff already in haiti are okay and to coordinate their relief services. catholic relief services has already committed an additional $5 million in response to the disaster. that will help pay for critical supplies. >> shelter, water purification tablets, plastic containers for water -- water is the essential item to supply in an emergency situation. >> some of the supplies are ready pre positioned in haiti. they will also be able to send in supplies from the dominican republic. that country had a mild hurricane season, so there are many supplies available. >> it is about a six hour drive. the road has been determined to be clear up to about 10 miles out of port-au-prince. >> more help could come by the way of a navy hospital ship. maybe it -- navy officials say that are poised to activate the ship if necessary. can be made ready to sail in five days. relief workers say if you want to do something, donate money, because monetary donations will get
to the outstanding staff and crew. enjoy your sunday. >> he is now the new co anger of abc's "good morning america." no replacement will be named right away. substitutes will be filling in. >>> 5:11, 22 degrees. >> coming up, the man behind the so called balloon-boy hoax still says he is not guilty. >> moms living on capitol hill. you could be >>> in our top stories, the cold weather continues its grip on the south. florida it is dealing with record-breaking temperatures. there is a freeze watched through tomorrow. it will get warmer here home later this week. >> some republicans are calling for harry reid to step down over comments he made when barack obama was running for president. a new book says he called obama a light-skinned african- americans. reid has now apologized. >> richard heene reports to jail today. your repo a judge sentenced him to 90 days behind bars. his wife will serve 20 days behind bars. >>> police are stepping up patrols in one neighborhood after a string of carjackings. there have been a dozen armed carjackings since september. cathy lanier says many of these cases, mother
go to the playoff, we were one of 8 cities in america involved in the playoff. we're in the upper 25% of the nfl two years in a row. >> we have something to be proud of. >> they kept us in the game halfway through january. that's not a bad thing. >> but the weather is not going to be good. >> it's going to be great. it might sound strange, but i wish it would rain. it's going to be just rain. no big deal. just 1/4" to 1/2" of rain. temperature is not dropping. zero snow in the forecast. the winds now coming at us because low pressure approaches from the south at 7 miles per hour. the barometer at 29.98. it's going to fall through the course of the day. 36 degrees in oakland. it's a mild morning. 34 cumberland. 37 hagerstown. 39 d.c. and easton and packs river. westminister at 40. 38 columbia. 36 rock hall. it's a big slug of moisture. we didn't have the mile pull of air, we could have been looking at quite a wintery scenario. it is just going to remain rain and we keep it mild here until we move into the middle of next week. we see temperatures dip a bit. we go no lower than 35.
. despite early concerns about the weather. the fireworks went off without a hitch. the ports america new year's eve spectacular. >> live at the inner harbor. >> reporter: 5,000 explosives synchronized with music lit up baltimore skyline for 17 minutes. thousands braved the rain and cold to dance in the new year at the inner harbor. one couple drove all the way from new jersey. >> it's great, it's beautiful here. everyone is so friendly. having a great time. >> reporter: 2010 is looking bright. happy new year. >> beautiful. the party in new york city, thousands of people flocked to times square to see the ball drop as the new years day gets started. someone has to clean up the mess. crews out right now trying to sweep up all of that trash. >>> the president is in his home state of hawaii. they posted a message praising the country for rising up to meet the channels of 2009. he and the first family watched avatar while on vacation. >> a class in m maryland celebrating. thousands waking up with new year's resolutions. let's go to kelly with a look. >> reporter: it's a brand new year an
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's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. i like this one. in a national taste test, more hardworking americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won... this one. ...and see why america really does run on dunkin'. thank you. >>> the world has a new tallest building. the tower in dubai is literally licking the clouds. some say at the observation deck, you can see the curvature of the earth. to see if that is true, may be in the eye of the beholder. >> reporter: a grand way to introduce the world's tallest building, lights and fireworks opening up the bursh califa. >> you have to give them credit for an engineering feat. it's also very symbolic. it's the tallest building in the world. >> reporter: more than 26,000 glass panels shimmer up the massive structure which is 160 stories, has 57 elevators, 49 office floors, a hotel, and more than 1,000 residential apartments. the man behind the development is still in awe. >> the challenge, of course, you know, you are using construction methods designed, engineering, so you believe in the t
>>> tgif. good morning, america, on this friday, january 8th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. in the news this morning, president obama faces the country after that christmas day terror plot. and he takes the blame. >> ultimately, the buck stops with me. >> with the suspect set to appear in court today for the first time, we'll ask rudy giuliani if the president is doing what he needs to do. >>> could the winter blast get any worse? from 52 below in the north. to snow in florida this weekend. sam's still in the middle of it all. >>> missed signals. we'll tell you how the snow is causing havoc with a new kind of traffic light now being used across the country. how it's putting drivers at risk. >>> and last laugh? nbc appears set to shuffle jay leno out of primetime and back to his old time. >> it's often my experience. nbc only cancels you when you're in first place. so, we're fine. >>> and good morning, everyone. we do have several, major stories we're following this morning. >> we do. president obama saying yesterday, very clearly, we're at war with the terror
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, january 11th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, political bombshell. will the senate's top democrat resign after controversial comments about barack obama's skin color. republicans say he's being saved by the double standard. >>> frozen florida. more record-breaking temperatures across the south. to say the least, it was a chilly weekend for many. >>> gate crasher. it's third party crasher. did this man sneak in, too? he tells this story live. >>> the search for baby gabriel. the mother of the 8-month-old now charged with kidnapping and child abuse. still, no sign of her precious little boy. >>> and it's official. nbc pulls the plug on jay leno in prime time. the big question, is it quitting time for conan? >>> and we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. no doubt, had you to bundle up. we'll talk about that coming up. but so much to get to, including news this monk about the book sending shock waves through washington. >> and it's not just the revelations about the democratic leader harry reid. there
>>> good morning, america, on this wednesday, january 6th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. >>> we have breaking news overnight. two key senate democrats heading for the exits including connecticut's chris dodd. will twe be a republican year? >> frozen nation. this is a temperature right now in the midwest as the deadly cold snap shows no sign of letting up. 32 states now under a winter weather watch. we're live across the country with your frigid forecast. >>> death of an heiress. as police search for answers in the death of 30-year-old casey johnson, some wonder if her parents did the right thing cutting her off during a long struggle with drugs and alcohol. >>> and the search for baby gabriel. caught up in a heated custody battle, it is now a triangle. three sets of parents, so many lives but where is the baby? the police and his father want answers this morning. >>> as always so much to get to this morning including the breaking news out of the senate. a lot are talking about how cold it is. okay. well, this arctic blast now the lo longest, largest cold f
it with egg whites today. because it's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. i like this one. in a national taste test, more hardworking americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won... this one. ...and see why america really does run on dunkin'. thank you. >>> during the 2008 presidential election a fox poll showed that half of americans thought an independent candidate would be a better choice than democrat and republican. had a sentiment appears to be growing. is it possible we could see the emergence of a 3rd political party in 2010. our politic commentator joins us. good morning, armstrong? >>> good morning, patrice. >> why are people talking about a 3rd party out there? are the two parties we have broken beyond repair? >> the democratic and republican parties, when these individuals go to washington, obviously they have great enthusiasm, and great promise, but obviously, they're more concerned about their jobs once they get there and start staying for a while. they lose the interest of people and what is in the best interest of
states of america, all people count and all people should be counted. >> reporter: a massive outreach effort to make sure everyone knows about this year's census. the government has launched a $340 million promotional  campaign. why is it so important that everyone be counted? congressional seats and hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are determined based on the state's population. >> how valuable you are when you stand up in terms of the resources that it brings to your communities and to you and to the ones you love. >> interesting question that they spend minutes that affects our lives for the next ten years. >> reporter: the new census office on president street in east baltimore will support field operations in the area for the upcoming census. >> it's important work. we should leave the country because we are the birth place of the star-spangled banner, we should lead the country in making sure that every, single person is counted. >> often, we forget those little babies. those babies need to be counted. you know, aunt suzy that you have been taking care of, sh
money given to america's big banks and angering the financial industry and republicans in congress. while others say it is high time. fox's laura ingel has a closer look at the president's proposal. >> reporter: in the weekly address, the president tells america's biggest banks, it's time to pay up. it was risky business that nearly did them in and the taxpayer who bailed them out. >> they gambled with borrowed money without enough oversight or regard for the consequences and when they lost, they lost big. >> reporter: the president is proposing a .15% tax on banks and financial companies with assets of more than $50 billion to help recoup as much as $117 billion in losses from the troubled asset relief program. >> we want the taxpayer mone back, all of it. and we'll collect every time. >> reporter: the proposed tax would include banks that didn't accept tarp money and critics say this is not a good time to pressure an already fragile banking account. >> it's like a patient just coming t of icu and bang him with another tax i think is too much. >> reporter: and opponents say taxing
north america auto show it begins today. they have undergone a facelift of their own. this year pontiac and saturn have disappeared. gm and chrysler have gone through bailouts. no longer is there a big three in the auto industry. some now call it the medium six. >> in many respects americans feel that toyota and honda and nissan are as american as general motors and chrysler and ford. at ford sales rose versus a year ago, and at this detroit dealership they just want a better year. we will see how it goes. >>> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful. >>> yesterday miami had a record low broke one set back in 1970. this morning a brand new record at 36 it brokes the record set back in 1927. so, we are sitting on cold, that they have not seen in 83 years in southern florida. 33 west palm, 26 in tampa and below freezing from orlando up through daytona beach. back home ranging from 19 here in town, to 9 in pittsburg, that's the core of the cold air, the cloud is rolling in and snow shower, it will try to reach up typically from this particular,
to the arrest of paul meridge. accused of gunning down four family members. the viewer of "america's most wanted" recognized the description of the man and his car. authorities surrounded a small motel in long key, florida. >> i'm just happy that the family found closure. that's what i'm happy about. i'm happy that the family can now mourn, ok? >> meridge is accused of fatally shooting his twin sisters, a 6-year-old cousin, 79-year-old aunt at a family home in jupiter, florida. >>> matthew is just 13 but has an experience that will last a lifetime. the california teen went sledding with his family. he got lost. it got dark and matthew lost a glove, lost his shoes and a sock. he spent the night in freezing conditions. his parents started to fear the worst because matthew has no wilderness training and no survival skills. >> only 13 years old and it's below 15 out there. it's colder than it was in the truck. i just didn't think they would find him alive in the morning. >> i was being all quiet just staring at everyone. when they told -- what they told me is i was screaming i'm over here. >> afte
football looks with fios. but you've got to call today. get jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >> president obama will meet with top advisers to discuss the attempted bombing of the northwest airlines flight on christmas day. >> he ordered a review of the security system after a man managed to board the flight with explosives hidden on his body. >> the president met privately today with his top counter- terrorism adviser. he also heard from the cia. this comes in advance of a broader meeting tomorrow. president obama arrived home from hawaii ready to focus on the failures that led to the attempted bombing of a northwest airlines flight and the potential threat posed by al qaeda activities in yemen. hillary clinton says that terrorist activity in yemen has surged in recent
was that most stores didn't have to slash prices this year. >>> some workers at bank of america could collect bonuses this year close to what they got in 2007 before the financial crisis. the "wall street journal" reports the big payouts are an attempt to prevent top people from leaving and also a sign of the bank's quick rebound. b of a was aided by $45 billion of taxpayer money until last month. november was a record setting month for the airlines. 88.6% of flights arrived on time that month. the highest percentage ever. it wasn't all good news for the industry. fewer travelers meant less traffic in terminals and runways. >>> a major milestone for hybrid cars. the toyota prius was the top selling car, the first time a hybrid has held that spot. >>> general motors first mass produced electrical battery rolled off the assembly line in michigan. it will power the shervely volt scheduled to hit show rooms in november. >>> coming up on "good morning america," five diets five success stories. we'll tell you how they lost 700 pounds collectively. that's on gma. that's your money scope report. i
by the rotary clubs of america to assist people in haiti. a survival kit that includes that tent and things that will sustain people more days. but the numbers are staggering, almost unbelievable. and while aid is pouring in from around the world, it's not happening fast enough to stop things from deteriorating, as was kind of expected in haiti. but there are efforts now that people are getting under way here in america and here in this city. this is why people are comin by here to do what they can to do to help. and as we said, those numbers are staggering, as an estimated 200,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands left in the lurch of a supplies are starting to pour in, like food, water, medicine, the daily necessities, but not fast enough. and people are still being found among the rubble. and they find themselves in a pitched suggle for food, life, necessity. we found a gentleman down here to do what he could. he knew it couldn't be good. he talked about the lurching ground and the need to do something. and that's why he came down here. he's back in the u.s. today and he came down
't forget to e-mail your answer to our "watercooler question of the day." how close do you think america is to realizing dr. king's dream? email your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> welcome back. 40 minutes after 5:00. it's 41 degrees downtown. relatively mild for this time of the year. i think it's going to be a pretty mild afternoon as well. we'll shoot up close to 50 degrees. the rain is gone. upper 30's and low 40's. it's 39 degrees officially at the airport. you'll see a little more cloud cover this morning than this afternoon. decreasing clouds as we head through the day. we'll get a look at the seven-day. things are going to change later in the week. for now, back to the news desk. >> in this morning's "medical alert" fast food giant taco intel asking you to try -- bell is asking you to try its new drive-through diet. >> is it too good to be true? >> i decided to trim down. i knew i had to be realistic. >> if you haven't seen her yet, you will. christine is all over the latest taco bell tv commercials claiming she got her bikini bod by following what the company calls the d
. calm it down. >>> still ahead on "good morning america," theson shun state turns the snow city thanks to one man's creativity. look at this, aleen. coming up all gnaw at 6:00, is it andy rottic or the australian heat? it'll give you a little giggle today. ( "sleigh ride" playing ) there we go. ♪ ( phone rings ) victory starts now. with the special k challenge™, you can lose up to 6 pounds... in 2 weeks. p join us at specialk.com. [ announcer ] you make healthy choices every day-- oh, max! and you want to do the same for your laughable, lovable dog. [ barks ] that's why purina fit & trim is specially formulate.. with high-quality protein, including delicious real chicken, top him mainta ln muscle and hethweight so he can make the most of every day. long live your buddy. long live your dog. purina fit & trim. wow, that's a low price! htp homcdo weúrr [ ] 7,000. wow,s w pre! t. ]t ye thri [ male announcer ] staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. and we mean everything. staples. that was easy. >>> this is where we grew up. snow's not something i ever e
. broadband is working for america. >>> here's who's celebrating a birthday today -- >>> two of the nfl's most high powered offenses were on display in arizona. the packers took on the cardinals. the cardinals would score early and often going up 24-7. green bay would eventually answer every cardinals ' score and this game turned in to the shootout many analysts predicted and went in to overtime tied at 45. ironically, it was a defensive play which determined the outcome, cardinals corner adams would jar the ball from rogers. car loss would take it in for the winning score. arizona outlast green bay in the highest-scoring preseason game in nfl history. the final 51-45. >>> so let's set the stage for next weekend in the nfc divisional playoffs. saturday's game is the cowboys and vikings. the sunday 1:00 game is the cardinals at the saints. >>> how a rushing and strong defense can win championship and didn't take the ravens a long time to prove the theory correct during a road game in new england. first play of the game, rice takes the ball for an 83-yard touchdown run. on the patriots first pos
. >> the council of america says that it's religious profiling. >>> we are now counting down the days until the ravens big palafer. fans are painting the town purple. live downtown, we have more on the purple fever. >> reporter: absolutely. you know we have felt it all season long, that purple fever and now we can see it all over baltimore. ravens fans are so devoted they came out to watch the ground crew paint everything purple. >> i'm not getting off of this thing. >> behind every great masterpiece. >> i'll start off with purple. >> it's careful preparation, solid execution and above all else powerful inspiration. >> going to win the super bowl. >> we are baltimore, home of the ravens and whenever the team makes the playoffs, the power house inspires the city to create. after hours of stenciling and painting, logos on federal hill and city hall. considering sean the master painter. >> i think it's kind of neat to see to see how it starts and finishes. >> reporter: it does not make it an easy task, you can see some leftover paint, nothing is going to keep the guys from getting it do
off and begin the work of remaking america. >> pilot sully sullenberger performs a miracle on the hudson. and weeks later a commuter jet crashes near new york killing 50. president obama signs his stimulus package. >> the beginning of what we need to do to create jobs for americans scrambling in the wake of layoffs. >> political divide, widens. >> it is all one big down payment on a new american socialist experiment. >> after taxpayers spend billons bailing out big firms, including aig, that company triggers controversy by paying bonuses to executives. iowa, vermont and new hampshire legalize same sex marriage. but voters in maine and lawmakers in new york, reject it. >> pirates off the coast of somalia take a sea captain hostage. sharpshooters kill three of the pirates, restitution captain phillips. h1n1 kills thousands. as vaccine distribution lags. north korea test fires missiles and nuclear device earning tougher un sanctions. president obama goes to cairo, to ask muslims around the world and americans, to find common ground. >> so long as our relationship is defined by
. >> reporter: can you read it? >> i would prefer oe-mail it to you. >> reporter: we then called bank of america. we're calling about rate hikes. >> david, i'm just getting ready to dial into a call. can i get your e-mail address if? because i can send you something. >> reporter: is there anything you can say to consumers to reassure them you won't raise rates before the -- >> we'll e-mail you back, ok? >> reporter: these actions, they say are necessary given customers are not paying back loans and regulatory changes. bank of america e-mailed they are not raising rates unless the account is late on two or more payments. we turned to the bankers association so ask why the new rates before the new laws can take effect. they say consumers are getting fair warning. >> they get 45 days' advanced notice, it gives them lots of time to get another card and option to decline the increase. >> reporter: but if they decline that rate in many cases they've been dumped. >> there's still a lot of competition, solicitations in the mail and customers can move to a competitor. >> reporter: we did call the bank th
still being pulled from the rubble alive? members of america's 82nd airborne rescued a 35-year-old man from a collapsed building in port-au-prince. he's being treated for a broken leg and, of course, dehydration. but hundreds of flights are still waiting for permission to land with supplies. the u.s. is reporting a backlog of seven days to be able to get in there. the filmmaker who posed as a pimp and recorded undercover videos of controversial practices at acorn offices across the country now under arrest himself. james o'keefe are charged with trying to tamper with the phones of the senator in new orleans. his lawyer says "we don't have any of the facts yet but james at heart is a really good kid." four men face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. heisman trophy winner tim tebow making big waves off the field over a pro life ad that's going to appear during the super bowl. the ad tells the story of his mom who got sick when she was pregnant with tim. doctors apparently urged her to have an abortion. she did not. and now some women's groups are protesting the ad paid for by a chris
whites today. because it's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. i like this one. in a national taste test, more hardworking americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won... this one. ...and see why america really does run on dunkin'. thank you. >>> welcome back. it's 6:41 on this monday morning. feeling about the ravens. we're feeling a warmth even though we're feeling a chill as we are stepping out this morning. faktake a look. sky hd radar that may change as he we get into the hours around. not expecting a huge a kuehl accumulating, maybe a quarter of an inch. we are seeing it through the midwest right now and that is what is headed in our direction, tonight into the overnight period. we're going to see the flow out of the northwest later in the day although we start with a more southwest flow. that low pressure center moves to the north and east and drags cold front through. we get a chance for a couple of snow flakes as i said. in the western counties a better chance of seeing snow showers as early as 4:00 p.m. that w
message to the people of haiti and the people of the world. in these difficult hours, america stands united. >> generous americans have already given millions. in pasadena, the owners did -- donors did not even have to step out of their car. vice-president by and ushered haitian americans that help is coming, despite a logistical bottleneck caused by the widespread devastation. >> as the general said, it is like putting a bowling ball through a straw. >> the students arrive and escape, but their nightmare is not over. >> this is not any sort of success story, because we are missing to professors and four other students. >> we are here and they are not. what do you say and what do you do? cracks in national, an emotional homecoming for a church group just back from the quake zone. -- >> in nashville. keeping haitians are alive is the mission of the usns comfort. >> only lowell melser is on board that ship. -- our own lowell melser is on board the ship. he is getting a better sense of the crew, including what makes them tick. >> the usns comfort would have a hard time existing if it we
with space for a thousand hospital beds, the ship a major part of america's effort to help. among those are marylanders. we spoke to one who lived in silver spring until he went home last month. >> devastating to see the houses destroyed and people walking around, bodied lined up on both sides of the street. >> you mean dead bodies. >> tens of thousands of fatality in include rescue workers and authorities. johnathon is among a group that arrived two hours before the earthquake. they have learned that the group is safe. >> i wish it was a day later. we feel it's in god's hands. >> many organizations say every bit helps. what is going to happen to the people who survived. >> hundreds of doctors, nurses and technicians are getting ready to leave on the usns comfort. they were just in the caribbean in april on a mission. >>> thank you. we have the latest on the situation in haiti right now. aid arriving from around the world. the red cross estimating 3 million may need relief. the number could be in the tens of thousands or worse. here are comfort is preparing to join the mission. f
. >> even after the worst recession in generations, life in america is not even close to being as brutal as it was back then for some many. >> and here in baltimore, members of a church continued their eight-year tradition of honoring the life of dr. king. the ceremony or involve a day of prayer. the democratic health-care bill is once again on the line, and, a massachusetts republican is threatening to derail the whole say. >> more rain in the forecast -- the really holsinger. temperatures are relatively mild -- >> president obama and fellow democrats are scrambling to salvage their health-care bill in case a republican wins in massachusetts. martha is in a dead heat with republican challenger scott brown. it is the seat held by the late ted kennedy. he said if elected, he will vote against the democratic health- care bill. >> our hd doppler radar does not catch all of the drizzle that is in the area. we do have some around here. we have a badge of rain shower activity that is moving. -- we have a batch. all of that really generous rain and that we had earlier in the day, that has moved
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. the uss carl vinson is running south as part of america's effort to help. and crews on the navy's floating hospital, the uss comfort, stationed in baltimore, are already preparing in case an official order comes down. family members are waiting to hear, too. but their wait is agonizing. >> i said of all times, you know? i wish maybe it was a day later. you know, but we -- we're all christian people. and we feel that it's just in god's hands now. >> reporter: and beam says her brother, along with his entire group are supposed to be staying at a hotel, in port-au- prince. but as of tonight, they have not heard from him whether they even made it there or whether that hotel is standing. we're live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> and our complete coverage continues now with meteorologist bernadette woods with more on why this earthquake was so devastating. bernadette? >> reporter: well, any time you have a 7.0 magnitude quake. that is high on the scale. major on a scale that runs up to 10.0. unfortunately, for this country, already poor. and already devastated from a lot of tropical syst
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